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A Step-by-step Guide on Placing an Order

1. On Purple Cow's Attic homepage, click on "Shop".

2. You will be directed to the Attic Closet (shop). You may choose from the categories or check all items.

3. Browse and choose items. Click on the "Add to Cart" button if you are getting the item.

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4. Click on the "Checkout" button if you are done and want to place an order.

5. You will be directed to your invoice. Payment details are already provided just below it. Choose and copy your preferred mode of payment.

6. Scroll down and fill up the form for your shipping and contact details. Type the discount code if there's any (i.e. for free shipping).

7. Double check all the details. Click the "Send Order" button to submit order.

8. You will and should be receiving an email for your order. Check your inbox and a copy of your invoice is there.

9. If you wish to order at least 6 pieces of non-sale items, kindly place your order via Purple Cow's Attic Order Form. Just fill up the form and submit. An email will be sent to you for confirmation and invoice (with discount).

After Placing Orders

1. Settle payment within two days. Once payment has been made, notify the Attic by sending an email with the following details: Your name, date of payment, mode of payment, amount paid, transaction # (for LBC, Cebuana Lhuillier, M. Lhuillier and Western Union payments), and snapshot of your receipt.

2. Once payment has been received and confirmed, your item will be shipped to the nearest shipping day (Monday, Wednesday or Friday). You will be informed of your tracking number and EDA.

3. Now all you have to do is chill and wait for your item to arrive. If you receive your item, kindly inform the Attic. We would be very happy if you will share your comment, a photo of your freshly opened package, your selfie with the item or any form of feedback (get creative any way you want). You may share them at Attic's FB page or Instagram account.

Your portal to style notoriety

Welcome to the Attic, where unique treasure finds await you!

Rummage through the stash of stylishly interesting steals and stun them with your killer looks.

How Attic Came to Be

Owner, Joy Puntawe, was a Production Designer for TV, film and print and used Purple Cow or Ubeng Baka as her alias.

Because of her then occupation, she used to hoard interesting items, especially the visually pleasant ones, whenever she had the chance. Everything interesting for her might be useful for future projects. Until she realized she had too much in her stock room. Most were never utilized, just occupied space and collected dust.

So she decided to put up an online shop in Multiply to sell her items and collections. It was the birth of Purple Cow’s Attic.

Soon it became her full-time stint since she left the world of showbizness. The old habit of "hoarding” beautiful things never really left her. Whenever she sees something interesting and nice for the women, she would acquire and stock them in the Attic. Especially that she frequents Hong Kong, there are a lot of things that she would like to be accessible to the ladies. That’s how she ended up also becoming a personal shopper.

What was once started as a simple virtual garage sale, eventually lead to a serious biz for Purple Cow.